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Upcycling and summer holidays!


It's been a beautiful summer here in leafy green surrey and actually we are still enjoying some glorious warm sunshine! 
We've had some lovely fun family time which I'm so grateful for as its always tricky getting family together all at the same time. 
September brings new beginnings for my family with new jobs new homes and for my youngest little bunnie college begins! Ahh sweet sixteen.
We are all looking forward to our great new adventures and all the joy the future brings. 
I can also make a start on all my jobs outstanding. 

Here's one I made earlier; )

Quite a lovely mid century bureau in tiptop condition!I do love these pieces they are mostly so well made and this one is a beauty I have added pops of zesty lime and decoupaged with fabrics that I feel stay true to its 1970s design, nice and 
funky! It's now for sale over on my Etsy shop
I would like to share with you some lovely pictures and photos I have come across this last month. Things that I love and have inspired me.
Above; beautiful handpainted tiles I found in Turkey, so stunning! I thought they would make such a fantastic statement in a kitchen or bathroom.

Upcycled wine corks! So cool.

   Good use of food colanders as upside lights! 
    Brightly coloured painted stairs. 

 Greens and Tree art!

   A visit to bath and a stunning creative 
display! Thankfully the sun was shining : )
  Stunning fabric @hareliquin 
   Gorgeous wallpapers! This really does look so stunning such a perfect hue of deep blues - blue greens and a subtle mist of white it reminds me of the changing colours of the sea.

   Fabulous wallpaper from Harlequin this design comes in four different colours. I love this pattern all wonderfully Moroccan vibes to it,  very trendy.

Basket weaving from the Nubian community in Africa Absolutely stunning work from the Nubian women. You can purchase at TKmax or directly online supporting fair trade - 

Nubian - Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd › Nubian

Flowers are my ispiration. Upcycling design.


Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

So you guys British summertime is here!
At some point please may we have some sunshine.
But, all is not lost, we can cheer ourselves up
with an abundance of gorgeous colourful blossoming flowers
popping out everywhere, its such a delight!
Nature, flowers are always such a inspiration to me,
 I never get tired of admiring the array of beautiful
colours and the ability of nature to keep on renewing
itself, it never disappoints just keeps on giving.
I've taken a few photos and I like to share these with

Lilic and green! a pretty combination. Photos taken by me
either in my garden or surrounding 

I'm sure we all love to see a carpet of wild flowers
for me the delicate spread and vibrant mix of colour is
quite breathtaking.
The humble daisy or little balls of sunshine.
Did you know a the daisy flower symbolizes innocence and
purity and wonderful new beginnings, The Perfect choice I would think for your hair on your wedding day! #summerbride 


I was very fortunate to be given an old small side table, it was either for me or for the bin so of 
course I gratefully accepted : )  Love a freebie!
I wasn't quite sure what to do with it as it was quite an insignificant boring looking piece but I was soon
to be inspired by some lovely pieces of unwanted wallpapers
I had knocking around, 
So here we have it a colourful piece of sunshine!

Rustic chic and grown up pinks. Vintage table & Chairs

15th May 2016 

I'd like to share with you guys, my very lovely dining set! Art Deco in style with its grand column style legs giving  this table an individual style all of its own, I just love it!  The table is very large and with its extending leaf can seat up to ten persons comfortably, which is just perfect for fun lively dinners or lunch parties with family & friends! 
I wanted to be a little more creative with this table so I decided to give the middle section a pop of colour, call me crazy but I love it!  The overall dining set looks splendid if I do say so myself, I painted  the middle leaf with chalk paint in 'Antoniette' from Annie Sloan, a beautiful subtle grown up darling pink. The whole dining set has been distressed  which works so well with Annie Sloans Coco and with white undertones it gives feeling of a rustic shabby chic French style.  Im so happy with the finish, the colours compliment the whole piece beautifully well. I'm loving this little brain wave of mine : ) 

The chairs are real vintage beauties, circa: 1940s. Four beautifully made pieces I'm so happy to keep these items in circulation, absolutely to perfect to be thrown away!    
I've upholstered the seats with stunning French designer lush fabric in pink stripe, a elegant but rustic look, Jolie : ) 

If you would like to purchase any of my items please do email me for details,  address at top of my page. 
All my items you can find on etsy or my Ebay store. 



Quote's are one of my favourite things.
Quotes by a huge range of people from all walks of life have helped me in some of the most challenging times, as you know I do like to share some of these lovely quotes with you from time to time! as they inspire and encourage me and I hope you guys can appreciate them too : )

" Hard work is about risk. It begins when you deal with things that you'd rather not deal with:
fear of failure, fear of standing out, fear of rejection.
Hard work is about training yourself to leap over this barrier, tunnel under that barrier,
drive through that other barrier. And after you've done that, to do it again the next day."

- Seth Godin

Love that! so true.

Is the most important human trait, because it allows us
to evolve our ideas to improve our situation, and
to hope for a better tomorrow.

#quotes #positive #life #goals

First day of spring. Upcycling Dining Table


Happy first day of spring to all you fellow creative's
and prospective customers.
To start this beautiful spring period off I would like to 
share my stunning flower bouquet from 'Libertys' of London,
such a gorgeous display harmonious colour to be inspired by.

Pretty impressive cushions with colour!
The stunning violet cushion I found at 'Denbies' Dorking
gloriously bringing the outside in, big flower prints
instantly adding a fresh cheerful sunshine feeling.
If you not crazily in-love with florals as I -
How about funky pattern prints to jazz up your living area
these lively cushions will almost certainly bring a vibrant sunny feel to your home a great look scattered over your sofas.
Amazing scarfs
'Liberty's London'

I've  been working on and so desperately trying to complete my lovely looking dining table art deco in style it is surely one of my favourite pieces to date. I'm still having to take it carefully
after my slipped disc so the heavy lifting becomes a problem but
I'm happily getting there and so looking forward to getting it finished as I have other smaller Items of furniture to be getting on with. Here are some before pictures and where I'm up too so far.

Some what battered here and there but will be looking 
tip top once finished.

I decided on Annie Sloan's 'Antoinette' and 'Cocco' chalk paint. I wanted be brave and try a different look a more shabby chic french
rustic style with the 
possibility of some blooms!
I'm also in love with the
perfect vintage chairs I found- here are a few before 
Pictures, I started with the white Annie Sloan chalk paint 
finishing up with a top coat of the yummy coco another  
new favourite of mine!

These chairs may be old but 
they still have sexy legs!  


"Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire and ambition they'll help you push for and realise your own."

Coffee Lover Photo& Frame re-purposed.

11th February 2016

These last few weeks I have been a wee bit poorly with excruciating back pain! so it has been almost Impossible for me to work on my furniture it can be quite depressing as my  mind starts to get me down a little with a bunch of negative thought's!  but having said that I do know how very fortunate I am, I have my health which obviously I am so grateful for every day. I have to say so many thank you's to my family my children especially who to help  support me. I know I'll recover soon (hopefully as it seems like ages) given time and some patience and positivity I'll be back with my paintbrush and some more beautiful Items. Yay!

                   Project- painted picture frames
                   and some unwanted wrapping paper from my favourite book store 'Waterstones' always such a great selection
of fine paper and some old pictures from vintage vogue.

But.. I have to say all is not lost- as I love crafting : ) I have decided to make some funky picture frame's, as I've always wanted to make lovely smaller Items but never seem to have enough time, so this way I get to keep my hand in, I have to do something creative as my mind overflows with Ideas; I can't help myself. One can find unwanted and discarded bits and pieces anywhere, I do enjoy creating something from nothing some bits and pieces you may not take a second glance at but with a little creative Imagination you can achieve beautiful things!

Freshly brewed coffee print
perfect for any coffee buffs wall. Ta'Dah!

                                                TO purchase please do email me for                                  details    
                           price: £30.00            
                           measure's 56cm x 52cm

                           In my etsy shop soon @bowiebelle                                                                  

Coffee lover