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November 2017 Fabrics & wallpapers

It's been so long since my last post 

Life has moved on so quickly and I struggle to find time to 
Do it all! But do bear with me as I'm hoping to start posting a little more often. 
I have taken on a new role as a interior design consultant 
helping you guys make happy and confident decisions 
regarding your home decor, which keeps me busy! 
I'm still upcycling and love finding cool pieces of furniture, as well as this I have also I have been busy with a couple 
of commission's . 



Textiles, Upcycling and Autumn.


Here we are again folks in beautiful golden Autumn! Such a stunning time of year! Here in surrey we have bright blue skies 
which gives us an illusion of warmth! 
When in fact we can feel that cold nip in the air telling us a different story, But isn't it so glorious to see all the changing colours of nature all around us.
Autumn is the time of year when we enjoy feeling cosy so it's a good idea to bring autumnal colours into your home to add warmth one can use deep ruby reds for a touch of luxury reds are also quite traditional along with yellow golden colours all these work well together or maybe russets and browns with deep pinks and sage make wonderful combinations that enrich your living spaces.
Etsy find ^ @decolickilimpillows 

At home i like to invest in a few large Inners and make up some new cushion covers in my favourite warm colours that work well with my existing colour scheme. A dear friend of mine helped me with these cushions I'm rather loving them so much so I'm going to be including some rich plum colours into my winter colour scheme at home.
A particular favourite of mine is the Cotswold claret collection from ' iliv ' below

'iliv ' Fabric.
I personally love the opulent purples rich plums and golds they do give a feeling of lavish luxury! So why not chose your own style of opulence and have a colour fest on your sofa!

  'iliv' Fabrics

An upcycled project of mine was this discarded old pallet! upcycled by me for me ; ) and it looks great in my living room!
Like I said I love the deep plums and blueberry colours it takes me back to my childhood of the early 70s and the trips my mother would take my sister and I on to The famous Biba store in London it was so groovy and grandiose! 
LibertyLondon is another grand store full of exciting but rather expensive fabrics but it's great for inspiration!
New season fabrics at

   Feeling Exotic and vibrant?

   But if you love and want to stay flower focused  'Harlequin' do      some great wallpapers. Floreale wallpaper

 An explosion of sensational colour! 

I have a couple of fabulous bedside tables waiting for a make-over there quite stunning solid wood and in great condition excellent craftsmanship, can't wait to get started! Hoping to have something to show you guys in the next few weeks. 
Here's a before picture...

QUOTE of the week.

" Creativity means believing you have greatness. "

- Wayne Dyer

Upcycling at home

03. 10. 2016

I'm all for upcycling at home, my house
is full of furniture I have found and re-purposed, I think it pays  to have a look around your area for secondhand
furniture first before you invest in something brand new.
 There are so many lovely pieces of furniture around and about maybe think about transforming your own! I personally have a super second hand shop in my area that I pick up some pieces from, if I'm strapped for time I'll go through freecycle or Ebay for instance but I also find people are usually very good when they need to get rid of something they may get in-touch. My son,In his line of work can also find some stunning unwanted items!
But also practically speaking if you need to watch the pennies secondhand is a very good option added to that your having a unique piece! Which is always good, in the same breath your doing your
little bit for our environment keeping what
we can out of landfill, every little helps.

These chairs are at home and I wanted to given them a new look, I really do love the Queen Anne style this one has had a revamp!

Using Annie Sloan in Coco and super
jazzy fabric from prestigious.
You can find some of my items for sale in my etsy shop 'Bowiebelle

Upcycling and summer holidays!


It's been a beautiful summer here in leafy green surrey and actually we are still enjoying some glorious warm sunshine! 
We've had some lovely fun family time which I'm so grateful for as its always tricky getting family together all at the same time. 
September brings new beginnings for my family with new jobs new homes and for my youngest little bunnie college begins! Ahh sweet sixteen.
We are all looking forward to our great new adventures and all the joy the future brings. 
I can also make a start on all my jobs outstanding. 

Here's one I made earlier; )

Quite a lovely mid century bureau in tiptop condition!I do love these pieces they are mostly so well made and this one is a beauty I have added pops of zesty lime and decoupaged with fabrics that I feel stay true to its 1970s design, nice and 
funky! It's now for sale over on my Etsy shop
I would like to share with you some lovely pictures and photos I have come across this last month. Things that I love and have inspired me.
Above; beautiful handpainted tiles I found in Turkey, so stunning! I thought they would make such a fantastic statement in a kitchen or bathroom.

Upcycled wine corks! So cool.

   Good use of food colanders as upside lights! 
    Brightly coloured painted stairs. 

 Greens and Tree art!

   A visit to bath and a stunning creative 
display! Thankfully the sun was shining : )
  Stunning fabric @hareliquin 
   Gorgeous wallpapers! This really does look so stunning such a perfect hue of deep blues - blue greens and a subtle mist of white it reminds me of the changing colours of the sea.

   Fabulous wallpaper from Harlequin this design comes in four different colours. I love this pattern all wonderfully Moroccan vibes to it,  very trendy.

Basket weaving from the Nubian community in Africa Absolutely stunning work from the Nubian women. You can purchase at TKmax or directly online supporting fair trade - 

Nubian - Uganda Crafts 2000 ltd › Nubian

Flowers are my ispiration. Upcycling design.


Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

So you guys British summertime is here!
At some point please may we have some sunshine.
But, all is not lost, we can cheer ourselves up
with an abundance of gorgeous colourful blossoming flowers
popping out everywhere, its such a delight!
Nature, flowers are always such a inspiration to me,
 I never get tired of admiring the array of beautiful
colours and the ability of nature to keep on renewing
itself, it never disappoints just keeps on giving.
I've taken a few photos and I like to share these with

Lilic and green! a pretty combination. Photos taken by me
either in my garden or surrounding 

I'm sure we all love to see a carpet of wild flowers
for me the delicate spread and vibrant mix of colour is
quite breathtaking.
The humble daisy or little balls of sunshine.
Did you know a the daisy flower symbolizes innocence and
purity and wonderful new beginnings, The Perfect choice I would think for your hair on your wedding day! #summerbride 


I was very fortunate to be given an old small side table, it was either for me or for the bin so of 
course I gratefully accepted : )  Love a freebie!
I wasn't quite sure what to do with it as it was quite an insignificant boring looking piece but I was soon
to be inspired by some lovely pieces of unwanted wallpapers
I had knocking around, 
So here we have it a colourful piece of sunshine!